Friday, July 20, 2007

Miami II

So Thats Miami..most of the time if u dont live next to the beach. Expressway
me on Ocean Drive..Right Neerrr da beach, clownin
another pic from the night of the show..Jay Woo.. Photographer/ Designer/Claimer of my drink tickets..(I dont drink)
sum peopel say I have a nice smile..I disagree...

so I get a call Yesterday from my homie Lavell Evans( saying Sean Kingston needs Background Singers ( Im hype because Im thinking the audtions will be out here seeeing how he says he's from Miami..but It in NY???? basically...Im in the wrong place...

1 comment:

h.e.r. said...

wrong place wrong time :*(

and yes your smile is marvelous... depending on how hard you do it *refers back to your last pic* :oX..
haha juuust joking