Saturday, December 1, 2007

John Jay Show Thursday Nov 29th...

So I was just in Miami like 2 days ago... Perfect Weather out there writing and with Family, My Boy Devin (in photo above)The Poet/Promoter/Booker/Host, Booked me a show at his school John Jay College, so I had to be back in The Cold, But shout out to Devin for Lookin out also shout out to Nick Hollywood (killn Comedian) and Sky-O (dope lyricist) for also blessin the stage....(Photo by Shotti)

I got in Around 6 am , headed to The city around like meet with This Young up and coming Media Cat (Film) name Kieth Davis, who had asked to follow me around the whole day and shoot like a documentary/epk(Electronic Press Kit).... It was wierd havin a camera follow me around the whole day but Im very curious as to how its going to come out...(Photo by Shotti)

J.Most Above(Photo by Shotti)

I had a rough time with the sound people and the administration at the school
kind of frusrating. but its what you have to go through when your and independent artist
althought they did apologize after they saw my Performance.. SMH

Big Earl(Photo by Shotti)
Shout out with the band for not getting Reckless on the Sound Men...I did that

(Photo by Shotti)

Overalll it was a good show, The Crowd was into it, and thats all that matters feedback from the ears


shotti and said...

make sure u write that the pic was blurry on so niggaz know im not a slouch wit the camera skills

shotti and said...
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