Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tabloids Video Shoot w/ AD4!!!

"Forget the New the Paper the Tabloids, the classified entertainment the andriods, lets freak this dance romance on the floor, cuz I dont care whats said in the tabloids, tabloids"

This past weekend we shot a video for tabloids (single of my Dopamine album)
it was directed by Jay Woo and AD4(The Team)
shout out to Dave and G wit the lenses ...
I was really appreciative for the band coming out too and the homie BLISS(my leading Lady

pics below from the set

Aliyah came out to the shoot (Prechiate cha) photo by J.Shotti

Dont ask me Just wait til u see the shot... thats what u call no budget genius

Director Spike Hype Woo

Mr JamWar aka J Dilla aka That Dude on the Kit making a Cameo

Renny Jett (my stylist to be..smh) with a fake mustache on...

The great Dave. SHooting in HD.. HOLLA!!!

And G.. good lookingz

The band watching me get my Acting on.. OJ (Marion) and Earl


The Video should be done within the next couple weeks


IOPMS Photography said...

Im feelin the shopping kart effect...i can't wait to see the video...BLISS is dope!

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