Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank You B-more

Just want to say Thanks to Briclyn Ent, Gypsy Soul and WEAA 88.9fm in Bmore for showing me so much Love and Also , Thanks to Que for being the designated Roadie and making sure we were cool...

88.9fm WEAA

Headed out to Bmore the Friday before I had the shows to promote, Drea said "I looked too young to be writing how I do"
...that was basically everybody's statement after the saw me perform too..."You dont look like that voice is coming out of you"

The Beauty Created will get on a bus to get to your town and help Create Beauty Thru Sounds...Marion "Ojay" Ross III on Trumpat and Effects, Earl Travis on Bass, David Wood on Drums and Pads, Basil on cigarettes and Keys

That fool Ojay always Trackin'

White March in Bmore.. Shout out to the Double decker Megabuses.. made me feel like I was in London somewhere....One Day

The Hustle

The bldg in the middle is The venue, Edens Lounge.The whole trip.. I was so into seeing the city and taking pics of landmarks and what not.. I totally forgot to photograph the venues.. but I'm sure I'll get some pics from the shows soon...


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Ms TooFly said...

When you do come to London, make sure you holla.
We all wanna see a performance!