Monday, July 6, 2009

92Y Vony benefit Concert!! JB3 BILAL 88 Keys Honey Larochelle

Getting Good Energy Via Phone Convo

Shouts to my Stylist Stacey Jordan she's awesomeness!!!
THAT DUDE OJ.. he always gets cool pics ..smh

..If You dig the Fro Let me know.. If you dont dig it Let me Im taking a survey


Laura said...

Great show last Saturday at the 92Y. I loved the fro! Your energy seemed more intensified with your hair freely out. I think you should def show off the fro more often, and continue doing what you do. peace.
- Laura Dee

LICHIBAN said...

As always, your performance was off the hook. Love the fro and many of my girls made a note of that....go with it!
got some footage, but here is a pic Joya snapped:)

Mo'ca said...

I say, put the fro in rotation! There are times when you may feel the need to be more reserved and for those times rock ur braids. But for all of the other free and unpatterned!