Friday, August 24, 2007

Good Music is Good For You!!!

believe it or not thats Brooklyn.. I never seen This Part of Brooklyn before this..
I treasured our conversation, never abbreviated Emotion, told you all I was thinken and expected the same in Return.

Lastnight I went to The L.E.S(lower east side) and saw The PJ Morton Band,perform @ this little lounge called Kion, pretty dope set , there the homies, Keyon on Trumpet, Brian on Bass, BigED on Drums, Jesse on Guitar, Kenneth on Sax, and Lead Singer/MD PJ Morton
They were Killn...

These Cats are all Real Musicians and understand what good music is... They play for the Crowd which is hard to find in Good musicians sometimes , because they usually play for themselves... PJ is also a killn songwriter and Producer for So So Def and had a nice little list of Placements.. google him

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Mthomas said...

Yo son let me know about these joints...i need to be around this more.