Monday, March 30, 2009

DC Trip #2... Station 9 & Almaz

Shout out to Green Tea, Dennis Turner, Robbie Mcdonald, Jade Foster, Amber Mimz, Ra The MC..Prechiate everything. and shout out to everyone who came and checked out the shows..Thanks for your support

Jade"friday" Foster great Poet. True Story. she was on my 1st release

Show Time @ Station 9
The infamous cordless mic, aka if I have on and your at my show.. watchout..I can come get you, so when I ask you to come on stage please do so..

Monday, March 23, 2009

BETJ Pantyhose # 4- Jess Boykin?

just checked the site for BETJ and Im #4 on the countdown. which is much appreciated but, They spelled my name wrong.. Ahhhhhh!! one of my pet peeves no lie.. I guess its good I even made the countdown.. once again Much Appreciated.. If you see Jess Boykin anywhere thats me.. Jesse Boykins III

Soul Culture UK Mothers Day Special

Part 1

Shouts to Marsha @ Soul Culture

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Night in The Life.. kind of.

so I got new software on my blackberry that allows me to shoot video.. Im excited!! might be a little. but eh. Joya hooked me up

Rocking w/ Eric Roberson @ Sol Village in NYC.. he was freestyling to 2 friends one girl, one guy and basicaly saying how they should become lovers. funny! Shouts to the homies DW on Bass, Jermaine on Drums, Mike on Guitar and Daniel on Keys

after the Erro show.. I ended up waiting for the Train for mad long. so I had a singing spurt. Usually what happens is after I get off stage from performing, the energy is crazy and I cant stop singing. sad really.. Ive had to tell myself to shut

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Past Couple Weeks

Blackberry Testimonies

Shouts to my boy MELO X ..dopest Rapper, producer, DJ's ever!!!!!!! Check him Live @ Blender Theater ft. this cat name Jesse Boykins III singer from out of Miami,Fl

Funny Story: I was actually at the airport when MeLo asked me to come rock with him.. I think he called me at 9:20 and told me he was going on in 15 mins.. Had to Cab it..Melo you owe me 25

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soul in Da City..Miami!!! w/ Eric Roberson

Myself and Sir Roberson rocked Miami Yesterday!!! I think this is about our 5th time doing a show together. They get better everytime.. The energy in the auditorium was epic.. and it feels great to get love from my home town. Seeing how my music is not what they're used to. but people in Miami are coming around..

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I recently had a show in DC my 1st show in DC Actually, Feb 14th and I had 2 shows in Bmore. Coppin State and I Fletchers.

I just wanted to say Thanks for the Love and Support and shouts to The Flow,, and Cleveland for spinning my album on 89.3fm

I will be back!!!

Rehab Show Review by

I betcha the dude driving the other half of Fort Greene crazy is Jesse Boykins III. He performed for his birthday at Rehab and golly gee, were the chicks gone over that fella. He hit the stage with a couple covers (J. Dilla's version of "Think Twice," Andre 3000 "Prototype") and a few songs like "Pantyhose" and "Tabloids" from his albums The Beauty Created and Dopamine. I've never seen such a ridiculous cross-section of grown ass women lose their minds over a guy standing on a raised platform with a mic. There were suited-up corporate women, downtown girls with side ponytails and bamboo earrings, Midtown fashionista people all raising their voices in lust for Jesse. Like the second-coming of Maxwell, D'Angelo and Bobby Brown, girls would jump on stage, jiggle body parts and thank Jesse for the experience. He's like the neo-soul version of Superman with the ability to drop panties with a single note. One thing I did hear from several audience members, many of them newcomers to his sound, was that it was a quality show. His trumpeter was especially nasty. However, I would suggest all ladies attending a Jesse show to come armed with smelling salts.

written by Mawuse Ziegbe

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

JB3 & Melo X Live @ Rehab ..My Bday Bash

I just want to say thank you to all my Fans and Friends That Came Out to the Show..and Shout out to Melo X for killing his set
see you at the Next One....And Shouts to Tone from New Pop and Liz from EMA Photography for coming through and documenting it... Video footage coming soon