Saturday, June 28, 2008

Much Thanks : Dopamine Style


Baby I would like to hold your hand/take you to the floor for this last dance/ I would like to move to the rhythms you groove too (yea)/Its doesn't really matter who sees, just close your eyes and picture you and me/forget the haters they can hate us/ I don't care what's said

Forget the news the paper the tabloids/ the classifieds, entertainment, the androids/ lets freak this dance ,romance on the floor/ cuz I don't care what's said in the tabloids ,Tabloids

Its in the air I can see the glares/ the gossips brewing but I'm well prepared/ all the noise don't bother me, Im right where I wanna be/ I just wanna move girl, I , I just wanna move girl, I just wanna move girl, I just wanna move girl

Forget the news the paper the tabloids/ the classifieds, entertainment, the androids/ lets freak this dance ,romance on the floor/ cuz I don't care what's said in the tabloids ,Tabloids

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Gordon Gartrell Radio- Episode 4 Gordon Gartrell Podcast - Singersroom Interview

courtesy of Cassie and Iopenminds Photography

Also: Check the Tabloids Dance Mix by my homie DJ Melo-X

Tabloids Dance Remix

Pics 4rm My show @ The NHarlem Boutique for Unruly Heir Clothing

Nharlem Boutique 114 w 116th street on Lennox

Thank u Unruly Heir , Angelina , John & Joey

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Stage...

Al Green

Roger Zap


Stevie Wonder


PJ Morton Band

Raheem Devaughn

John Legend



I've been know like studying my craft and what not.. and I realize the passion for performing as far as main stream artists are concerned is dead...there's a few still doing it ... but this lip synching thing is killing me slowly... I understand it but I don't know I guess Im old school.. The cats above are people that love what they do and you can see it ... from the lil smirks when they come to realization while there performing , even if u watch the band members there all for it.. Its gonna make its way back around... Soon Come


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Its Summertime and Im "feeling good feeling great how are you?"
Alot of things are being accomplished and I'm looking foward to the next couple months...

I been perfoming around NYC for about 3 years..and Its time to expand...

Shout out to BETJ and Soul Sessions for putting my video "Tabloids" directed by Dr.Woo @ #9 last friday...Brian Mcknight introduced my video..thats big!!!!!! so the good music is gonna keep coming...

Everybody look out for Jesse Boykins III & "The Beauty Created" LP ..full length album

Also Check me out on 90.3FM in NYC ...ohsokool presents...

Support the Cause...

Jesse Boykins III & The Beauty Created.... No Joke

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime Vapors....

The New Squadren , The Team, My back
NomaDic MuSic LLc/Briclyn Ent

Shia, Tiff(Sweetlocs), and Kai...Briclyn Ent ...its goin down!!

Young Fly Brothers with Cloud bearing goals...Sinorice Moss and Myself..yea I wear suits...sometimes

Yess Joya Made me a Cake With My Logo on it... Chocolate...All gone..only the photo stands

So Im working on a New Album, Been Writing with Mr. Steve Wyreman @ the crib but also been working with the rest of The Beauty Created Earl,Ojay(Marion),Jamire, J.Most and my boy Hadyn/Phantom Luvr... HEAT coming your way....

My boy Hadyn's Temple... Str8 HEAT ..Literally

Nas said all I need is One Mic
....JBIII says all I need is a Mbox, Native Instruments, and One Mic ......Grind at any cost...We goin in!!!

Lol...Aight so Im walking inside this Venue to check my boy Saunders play, and I look to see who's on Bass and DW got these light up glasses on, playing Earth, Wind and start cracking up....................One week later I walk in Sol Village and I look on stage and DW got these glasses on again..E called me up to sing ,I told that fool put the light up glasses on and he did....TO BE CONTINUED

Been a while since I posted sumthing.....