Monday, September 28, 2009

Weds 9/30 in NYC! w. Fader Mag's Suite 903

Wise Words.. I wanted to Share

Shouts to YRB Magazine 4 the Love

"Bound to Live" by Jesse Boykins III

If I was Zues, would you be my Juno
Look me in my eyes and tell me know
cuz this cloud it seems day by day
to turn a darker gray
so when it storms
"can u stand the rain"
can you swim past the pain.

or would you rather sit there and throw thrunder & lightning my way

I would bite the forbidden fruit
if it would help you share the truth
build an arc just for 2
if you would just believe in all I do.


(just wrote this lastnight for my homies mixtape kicks, chick, and porno flicks by emilio sparks)
Coming Soon

This Tuesday Sept 29th Chrisette Michele, Chico Debarge and Myself

gonna be a Great Night in NYC

JB3, Theophilus London, & Va$htie