Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miami Excursion...BrainStorming

BlackBerry Testimonies

Food & Empty Plate
Denny's How I Love You So
Grubbin on a Rack of Ribs.. You can tell your in the south when a truck with a smoker behind it with RIBS in it... Oh and White Bread

"The Sun's Rays Seem Oh So Grey, When I'm without You, Brainstorming Bout You" JBIII

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its My Bday....24

I turn 24 today... 1985 born.. I had a dream last night that somebody asked me if I had a chance to go 5 years into the future to see what I had become would I do it? it was weird because I said I didn't want to, but he showed me anyway. on some fairy godmother tip.. I tried to analyze it ..all I got out of it is.. I NEED TO SET GOALS that will put me where I want to be in 5 yrs.. Thats alot of Goals..

sidenote: I really don't even like Birthdays to be honest.. but I'm trying to get better at it.. the last couple born days haven't been all that great. Thats why I want to perform on my Bday.. so from here on out I can remember it as me getting to do something I love..I want to do a show on my bday for the rest of my life. I always have fun on stage..


More Valentines Day Stories with Soulful Cats

Shouts to for having me apart of the vids...

and Shouts to Eric Roberson, Alain Clark, Geno Young, Rapheal Saadiq, and Peter Hadar

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blackberry Testimonies.. Phoenix,DC and Somewhere in Between

1st DC show!!! Valentines Day.. Shouts to Cleveland @ 89.3 fm

Mr.MV of the Group Fresh Geex at this random showcase I went to in NYC ...J.London hosted

Basil That dude on Keys..

MY DC FAM.. Jade Foster (Poet) who was featured on Dopamine & Ra The MC awesome Hip Hop Artist and Writer

haha.. I randomly found this pic in my BB I dont even think I took it.. but thats Theophilus London we had just got back to FAMs Loft after our performance at Webster Hall

DW is that dude on Bass and Casually kinda nice on Harmonica


I was recently in Pheonix.. but this the only pic I took with my phone.. I took one of a cactus too but I think I deleted i..sad about that..

So the Past couple weeks , I been a little out of it.. Working revamping and I havent been able to blog like I want to.. but Im back in affect just wait and see.. Muuahhhahahaha (evil laugh)

Valentines Day w/ some soulful cats

Shouts to Marsha @ SoulCulture for asking me to send her thru a Vid!!!

Eric Roberson, Rapheal Saadiq, Myself, Geno Young, Peter Hadar & Alain Clark talk about the worst Valentines Day ever..