Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Murals.. Everybody needs one

I just recently got a Mural done in my room, by my Homie Ilene... So I told her to send me sum other stuff she's done... If u interested in getting one done.. Holler at me
she's a dope illustrator.....

Fly Mural

Heavy Roc Music Mural

My mural that Ilene Bless me with...

Me very Happy...with Cashews

Jimi Mural

Lion Mural

Reality Check Mural.. w/ Ilene

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 shows 1 Night.. :-p

Sat Night in NYC , it was about 67 degrees, nice cool breeze
I had 2 Shows one at 8pm on Bowery (L.E.S) this spot called Crash Mansion
where I performed with Stephcynie Curry (dope songwriter from Houston)

and I also had a set at The New School University:Arkestra(School Organization) event that was thrown in the Tishman Auditorium in The West Village..

It was a good night Musically, both times we played We Killed it.. Its pretty much a wrap once we do the secret chant in the Green room before we hit the stage....

Our Vibe was there.......

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A night in L.E.S w/ Renee Sebastian

Friday April 11th .. I opened up for my west coast Homie Renee Sebastion at the spot called National Underground
(basement no stage) but the vibe was fun.. here are sum flix

Big Ups to Deezshirts for blessing me with some gear...

All Photos by Noah @ Legend Media


I want that rug in my room


Renee Sebastion

Shout out to Jasper on Bass and Tada on Guitar... killn!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Robert Glaspers B- Day/Dante Fried Chicken Show

Sat April 5th Night April 5th, I went out to Robert Glasper's ( google him) Bday party and kicked it with the Fellow New Schoolers
He pLAyed with his group called The Experiment made up of himself Derek Hodge on Bass( Dope) Chris Dave on Drums (Amazing) and Casey Benjamin on the Keytar and Alto Sax and aux (Killn), had sum special guest.. it was a good vibe

The Experiment
Qtip freestyle battlin Rob G

Bilal killn it

Sunday I performed In BK @ this dope spot called Galapagos with my band (The Beauty Created)
for Dante Fried Chicken's B-day...

This was probably one of our best shows..
Shout out to my homie Jamire Williams on Drums, Earl Travis on Bass, Jeremy Most on Gutiar, Anthony Coleman on Keys, Saunders Sermons on Trombone and Marion Ross III (Ojay) on trumpet.. Im pretty sure when I get a chance to bring these cats with me outta state its a wrap...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tabloids Video Shoot w/ AD4!!!

"Forget the New the Paper the Tabloids, the classified entertainment the andriods, lets freak this dance romance on the floor, cuz I dont care whats said in the tabloids, tabloids"

This past weekend we shot a video for tabloids (single of my Dopamine album)
it was directed by Jay Woo and AD4(The Team)
shout out to Dave and G wit the lenses ...
I was really appreciative for the band coming out too and the homie BLISS(my leading Lady

pics below from the set

Aliyah came out to the shoot (Prechiate cha) photo by J.Shotti

Dont ask me Just wait til u see the shot... thats what u call no budget genius

Director Spike Hype Woo

Mr JamWar aka J Dilla aka That Dude on the Kit making a Cameo

Renny Jett (my stylist to be..smh) with a fake mustache on...

The great Dave. SHooting in HD.. HOLLA!!!

And G.. good lookingz

The band watching me get my Acting on.. OJ (Marion) and Earl


The Video should be done within the next couple weeks

Friday, April 4, 2008

Muzic Theory Performance in NYC

Last Thursday March 27th
I performed @ Muzic Theory
the show was put together by Matthew Maysonet (the homie)
it was a great turn out.. and my first ny show in a while

Here are some snaps from the show..

All Photos Above by JShotti

All Photos above by Legend Media