Monday, July 30, 2007


The Light Goes Brooklyn 2 in The Morn


At the early age of 22
I've come to many conclusions
There's far too much nothing in my life
But theres no where I can run
I aint no philosopher but I sure do dream like one, trynna find piece of mind, piece a time, and all the pieces to love,

I rarely look to my past
Cuz it clouds my Visions
And I rarely smile or cry
I figured it would be easier to just stay nuetral, things are what they seem if u just close your eyes and see the picture, I used to try and meditate but my paitence turned into anxiety, sometimes I analyze my so far life still without an answer..

Headed to the Studio via the D train...
Shout out to New School University..I am now an Alumni..that makes me sound old...

(In The Studio With Mz.Mimz) So..I learned how to engineer about 2 yrs ago..I work with Programs like Protools(my favorite), Reason, I've used Logic (its confusing to me),Abbleton Live, and Digital Performer, my ears still arent at the "Gift" Level as far as mixing but Im workin on gettin there, EVERYDAY...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Day w/ JBTREY in NYC

So This is where my day has been starting Lately..Jersey...Still real close to the city so no complaints

Check The Recs shining in the dark...not really but I like them things...

On The F Train Warming Up wit Sum John Legend...Heading to rehearsal...look at peoples

So I dont know if anybody knows this but Im a member of this Disco Funk Party Band called Chin Chin ( I been in the band since 2004 but they just recently released an album on Dialect records this french label..We have a couple gigs coming up so... we gettin it in!!!

Me at rehearsal on break trying to play Guitar, Im aight.(Oh I have no idea how that hat got on my head(Jeremy Wilm's)..but I lika alotta).I need to SHED.....Major..... Hence...

After the Rehearsal I headed to Jay Woo's place of employment w/ the homies from Miami Chicas and Billy (cool dudes) was hot outside...


Friday, July 20, 2007

Cali Bound

So recently I hooked up with this cat Name Derek Taylor( I met thru a friend (Anthony Coleman II). he was trynna get me to come out to Cali and do like a litle tour. I was all about it , because I hadnt been to Cali before. at least not since Grammy Band in '02. so he basically booked me like 8 shows in the bay area and I booked a show in LA... so Me and Jay Woo went out there and had many much mucho fun... In front of Bruno's in San Fran, about to get my Souncheck on
Chillen @ Royales in San Fran after a wild Set..WILD SET
Standing Infront of the Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley,CA
So in The Bay they have this Transit system Called the bart...Its way cleaner than MTA...but alotta steps
On Stage @ Rosella's in San Fran...moving minds or maybe just booties

Jesse Boykins III and The Park @ The Temple Bar

Miami II

So Thats Miami..most of the time if u dont live next to the beach. Expressway
me on Ocean Drive..Right Neerrr da beach, clownin
another pic from the night of the show..Jay Woo.. Photographer/ Designer/Claimer of my drink tickets..(I dont drink)
sum peopel say I have a nice smile..I disagree...

so I get a call Yesterday from my homie Lavell Evans( saying Sean Kingston needs Background Singers ( Im hype because Im thinking the audtions will be out here seeeing how he says he's from Miami..but It in NY???? basically...Im in the wrong place...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

jb3 Post-SHow Pics II

JB3 Post-SHow Pics


JB3 Preshow Action...

SO...I had My First Show in Miami lastnight and It was Killn....A lot of People Came out.....
Usually on the day of the show there is usually a fair amount of things you have to do.. 1. Last Minute Rehearsal 4-6
2. Soundcheck 7-8:30 after this theres nothing to do but wait..thats always the worst because Anxiety takes over depending on how big the show is...So I usually do 1 out of 2 things right before I go on. SLEEP, or Walk around to kill time.. This time I decided to walk around and tried to Promote a little more before the Hit...Footage Below

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The ART of Rehearsing

Dwayne , David, Stephane and Myself..Rehearsing My Big Mono Music "Pet Peeves"
I LOVE REHEARSALS!! because usually in NY ..nobody has time to rehearse..but we rehearsed down her for 4 hrs..what I would give for that all the time...


Its Crazy Being Home!!
Cuz I havent been here since January. And I have a show an actual JB3 Show out here so Im a lil hype, Im feeling real good cuz it like all the people down here like my friends and family never seen me on a stage, at least not since senior year of High School before the voice change.(Late Bloomer) So I know people are gonna be a little suprised , at first I was worried but now I know for a fact its about to go down cuz I had rehearsal with the Band Yesterday and its sounding Lovely!!! Hopefully after this show alot more people in MIAMI will start to apprechiate Passion in Music...

Thursday, July 12, 2007


First Blog Post Ever!!!!

"Just Because The Light Is Off..Doesn't Mean Its not There"

At the Age of 22 u would think your supposed to have it all figured out, but truthfully what's the fun in that?
I really hear alotta people my age say..Im worried I dont know what Im gonna do but, I say do what your good at until what you wanna do finds you... as corny as it sounds, its true.. So I Sing, Write, Produce, Engineer , and Perform.. Basically.. Create
I think the Light is about to get turned on..