Friday, July 20, 2007

Cali Bound

So recently I hooked up with this cat Name Derek Taylor( I met thru a friend (Anthony Coleman II). he was trynna get me to come out to Cali and do like a litle tour. I was all about it , because I hadnt been to Cali before. at least not since Grammy Band in '02. so he basically booked me like 8 shows in the bay area and I booked a show in LA... so Me and Jay Woo went out there and had many much mucho fun... In front of Bruno's in San Fran, about to get my Souncheck on
Chillen @ Royales in San Fran after a wild Set..WILD SET
Standing Infront of the Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley,CA
So in The Bay they have this Transit system Called the bart...Its way cleaner than MTA...but alotta steps
On Stage @ Rosella's in San Fran...moving minds or maybe just booties

Jesse Boykins III and The Park @ The Temple Bar


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