Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Day w/ JBTREY in NYC

So This is where my day has been starting Lately..Jersey...Still real close to the city so no complaints

Check The Recs shining in the dark...not really but I like them things...

On The F Train Warming Up wit Sum John Legend...Heading to rehearsal...look at peoples

So I dont know if anybody knows this but Im a member of this Disco Funk Party Band called Chin Chin ( I been in the band since 2004 but they just recently released an album on Dialect records this french label..We have a couple gigs coming up so... we gettin it in!!!

Me at rehearsal on break trying to play Guitar, Im aight.(Oh I have no idea how that hat got on my head(Jeremy Wilm's)..but I lika alotta).I need to SHED.....Major..... Hence...

After the Rehearsal I headed to Jay Woo's place of employment w/ the homies from Miami Chicas and Billy (cool dudes) was hot outside...


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AFTA-1 said...

my DUDE!!


"i wish i could be the...onnneee"