Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nothin but Music...Wish U were Hear

Crazy Week..this is Where it starts Penn Station NY

I had a lil 2 song show at NYU(crazy concert hall)..My homie Akia booked me for it..good looks and shout out to Elle who performed before me.. (killn singer)


S.O.B's Green Room w/ the homies

...Weds was Eric Roberson's Birthday, He celebrated by throwing an hour and a half concert @ S.O.B's,
and i got a chance to rock the mic, for a lil sec...


Chilled at my homie/ bandmate steve's crib out in Bushwick son!!!

Shout out to Perusi!!!!! My homie from Conneticut, NICE ON THE ELECTRIC BASS ,dont sleep!!!...

Omar killn trumpet player and Steve on the Train 2 in the moring...

This is Hustlin effect...

How to buy a Vintage expensive guitar with Steve Wyrman

Step 1. Find a Guitar Center
Step 2. Find the Vintage Guitar Section
Step 3. Select your interest

Step 4. Play the Guitar
Step 5. Laugh at the dude sellin it to you cuz in his head he's lookin at you like.."u cant afford no 76' les paul"...

Step 6. Play the guitar sum more just to make sure...
Step 7. Ask for a no tax discount cop and be out...


Monday, September 17, 2007

California Love!!!???

Photo Taken by Cassie for IOpenMinds Photography if there's anybody you know needs some dope digitals...

So I booked a show w/ Eric Roberson @ The Temple Bar and it was a very good look... I didnt have a band last minute, but I was able to call up my homies who play for Keyshia Cole now (luckily they were in LA) and they save my life... Daniel Jones(Keys), Adam Blackstone(Bass), Erik Tribbett(Drums), and this Young Cat Jairus Mozzee(Guitar) who plays for Fantasia ... so we pretty much smashed on the crowd... one problem...there was no documentation....U might see Eric on You tube, cuz he went in!! performed 14 songs, and an encore..great show all around.. one of my best... never again will there be no photographers, no audio, and no lesson learned

Shout Out to The Park for coming through on the last minute gig booking and last minute hit with me....these fools is on the grind.. They play with like 10 artist anad myself when Im in the Bay... Bruno's was a good night

Also SHout out to this cat I met in SF.. Lee Bob... Killn Sound, its like Folk Soul Funk... he was also on the bill that night at Bruno's.....

Mmmm.. Chinese Food with Derek Josh and Johnny at 3 in the morning after a lil get down at Royale in North Beach...

PROTOOLS...the only Girlfriend Ive ever had with equalibrium/homeostasis....thats me and Dj Whooligan of The Sole Vibe

Polar Opposites

Selfless, too concerned with anothers Passion, or there wondering for one...
Anything you ask, Anything u need
If I can get it for you then I'm happy..
Its like I brainstorm with myself, to solve your problems, not trynna be mean ...
but most of them are common, cents, or things you've come across often..

Selfish, I didn't know love was one sided,
To ask ask ask, without feeling,
Its like its your birthday everyday,
so presents come from me in, support, affection, my generousity
If I was you I'd be in love with me..
Cuz I know nobody has ever done all I do for you, for me

Torta's are the best sandwiches in the world... San Francisco is the best place to get it or anything else as far as FOOD..... VERY GOOD FOOD

At Keelay's crib wit Whooligan and DT more Protools... free time=me and protools

Saturday, September 1, 2007

JBIII @ The Triad Theater in NYC

Pet Peeves

I Wish


Triad Theater Show...I wouldnt say that its one of my better shows, but I wasnt that mad at myself..
and the band did there thing..