Thursday, August 30, 2007


I had a Photoshoot the other day with Nicky Woo a Killn Photographer. who has worked with alot of People: Akon, Swiss Beatz and more just too much to type
Shotti came with me to help out, be the Photo Asst, for the day... He looked out...
Producer/Songwriter/ Photographer/ Lights tester
Here's one of the 400 pics we took, I was there form like 5 to midnight, it felt extremely productive.. Alot of different shots
But This is a blooper Joint

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Giants and Little Giants

Lil NJ Jammin to sum tracks...
One of my Best Friends since Middle School Sinorice Moss Plays for the Giants, we actually used to be in a singing group in 7th and 8th grade... our hit single was "ALL MY LIFE" by K-Ci and JoJo...
it was my first time inside the stadium
Sinorice plays reciever and is gonna be a problem this season, real talk, also watch out for Nomadic Music
Here's my lil set up atthe crib in the basement, Basically my life.. Powerbook that barely works, M-Box 2, Groovetube Gt55 condenser Mic, my glyph external thatI dont leave the crib without and a pop filter that smells like Peppermint tea..
Sinorice Jr. aka Smiley!!! hangin wit me and Sinorice...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Good Music is Good For You!!!

believe it or not thats Brooklyn.. I never seen This Part of Brooklyn before this..
I treasured our conversation, never abbreviated Emotion, told you all I was thinken and expected the same in Return.

Lastnight I went to The L.E.S(lower east side) and saw The PJ Morton Band,perform @ this little lounge called Kion, pretty dope set , there the homies, Keyon on Trumpet, Brian on Bass, BigED on Drums, Jesse on Guitar, Kenneth on Sax, and Lead Singer/MD PJ Morton
They were Killn...

These Cats are all Real Musicians and understand what good music is... They play for the Crowd which is hard to find in Good musicians sometimes , because they usually play for themselves... PJ is also a killn songwriter and Producer for So So Def and had a nice little list of Placements.. google him

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photoshoots 101

So when I first started Performing thats all I thought about music, but lately I been realizing this image thing is a major part of the Picture..hence Photography and me being behind the camera...Im not sayin I've had a billion photoshoots but I been in quiet a few I favor shoots like this, natural ,free a camera just happens to be there...Photo by Melissa Fuller
And I dig Pics wit The homies Clownin (ME,Anthony , Derek Taylor Photo By Jenny Tay
Fake it Til U Make It Shoot I was in recently, fakin it til I make it
This was one of my favorite shoots with my homie Jaminalso for the Fake It Til U Make It
Pics I took just trying some stuff out wit My homie Shotti Producer/Songwriter/Photographer

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great to Good to Why Me?

That Boy hair so Soft...part of my "Persona"
Mr.JShotti gettin the party started before the party a lemon juice bottle...
Mr. Hasan Insane and J.Shotti.. 2 kill;n Producers and dudes that just know alot about alot of stuff...(Sharing Stories on life)
Inside this club called ICE..but it was pretty whack..I decided I dont like clubs..I mean I never did..its pretty times
It hurts.. to watch the tears fall to the paper... Its so simple but people get caught up in selfish complications,
I try to see it there way ,but it leads me to the same thing...what you think is real is often foney make pretend..... I have a problem with saying when the book should end, so I fall into the trap and instead of trynna get out I make it my home... Stupid. That's what love is , believing every thing in fairy tale has a happy ending , but Bullshit , fairy tale aint nothing but empty hope,

And I feel so empty cuz u were my only hope, my only thought, only care, besides the things before that I still treasure
I feel sick, my eyes don't wanna close
Sleep is my worst enemy, and I don't breath thru my nose, cuz if I come across anything similar to ur scent
I don't think I could take the memory. Unsolved is what u stay and considerance is my mistake...I don't do anything but believe but what's the point if u can't fight what u face...Doubt

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Summertime and the livin aint easy, Hustlas Hustlin and the Tempracha's high,Oh my daddy who?? . and my momma stay Grinden, but hush little Baby dont you Cry This Subway stop hands down is the hottest subway station ever... I remember being down there for like 40 minutes and when the rain finally came I felt like I had been workin out or sumthin...
The infamous G train...Never no matter what you do take the G train past 10 pm....Since I moved up here (2002) thats train has done nothing good for
I had a gig in Queens a week back..this is just a cool city view pic , but the gig was so Random, it was at a beach in Queens for National Swedish day...
Here's the stage...aka A Tent..but it was a dope show though.. Chin Chin shut it Down..

I met this Cat in Soho named Nexis..he's dope..he tags up old school shades, and he hooked me up with a pair..check him out... or you can go down to soho and find him on Prince and Broadway
Me Dumb out in the studio..thats what I look like when I been looking at the screen for like 7 hrs...not a pretty sight...PROTOOLS SON!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Amtrak 6 AM no sleep, Long train ride ahead..
Thats Jeremy Most..Killn Musician , he's helped me with alot of my music (produced Amorous and Fever) and played on like 5 tracks, He's also a killn artist himself check him out Jeremy Most

So apparently we all look Really Cool in My new Shades....
Thats Burniss "Earl..its the vibe" Travis Killn Bass Player young up and coming Jazz musician..He tours the world but aint too bigtime to come hang wit the homies...check him outEarl Travis

Edamame Plug...J.Most expressing his love for the protien filled Edamame Peas

The train is the worst place to try and sleep...Terrible..All Bad..seriously

As long as I have My Notebook and My Blackberry no matter what Im gonna be!!! No matter what

Downtown Boston

Monday, August 6, 2007

AD4 Photoshoot & JBIII Mickey Factz Performance

Sunday I headed to support my boys at AD4 u see me out or in phtos alot of times I 'm either rovkin JBIII gear Jay woo designs or AD4...THATS THE SQUADRIN...

Aaron- One of the Founders of AD4 ...Knocked out
CK- modelin that heat

The Crew on the Roof hangin..rockin that AD4 Crack

After the Shoot I headed to Retreat on Jay and Front street to Perform with my homie Mickey Factz (Im on his new mixtape, down load it free at for N.E.S.H.A's ( going away Party.. The Spot was dope..Very Niiice
The walls of Retreat...
The lights of Retreat....
Looking ouot the Window of Retreat...
JBIII & Mickey Factz killn it at Retreat....more pics @

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Friday @ The Highline Ballroom

Friday I stopped by the Highline Ballroom. Its this dope new Venue in the City on 16th and 9th..thats actually owned by Bluenote, I went to see Peter Hadar ( Bilal Perform..The sound was killn and the lights were niiiice
THE STAGE WAS KILLN..I just kept picturing myself on it as corny as it sounds..
Blue Note Recording Artist,Robert Glasper has been playin in Bilals band since 2000..He's good...check his stuff out
There's Bilal going in..He is one of the best Performers Ive seen live...ever... Top 5 dead or alive as far as him being an all around Artist/musician/songwriter
The Rhythm Section Lookin like on Guitar, Tone on Bass, and Steve on drums..THERE GOOD...Locked

Bilal...Basically shuttin' shiet down..Take 1 "Sometimes"

Bilal..Shuttin' shiet down Take 2 "White turns 2 Grey"