Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great to Good to Why Me?

That Boy hair so Soft...part of my "Persona"
Mr.JShotti gettin the party started before the party a lemon juice bottle...
Mr. Hasan Insane and J.Shotti.. 2 kill;n Producers and dudes that just know alot about alot of stuff...(Sharing Stories on life)
Inside this club called ICE..but it was pretty whack..I decided I dont like clubs..I mean I never did..its pretty times
It hurts.. to watch the tears fall to the paper... Its so simple but people get caught up in selfish complications,
I try to see it there way ,but it leads me to the same thing...what you think is real is often foney make pretend..... I have a problem with saying when the book should end, so I fall into the trap and instead of trynna get out I make it my home... Stupid. That's what love is , believing every thing in fairy tale has a happy ending , but Bullshit , fairy tale aint nothing but empty hope,

And I feel so empty cuz u were my only hope, my only thought, only care, besides the things before that I still treasure
I feel sick, my eyes don't wanna close
Sleep is my worst enemy, and I don't breath thru my nose, cuz if I come across anything similar to ur scent
I don't think I could take the memory. Unsolved is what u stay and considerance is my mistake...I don't do anything but believe but what's the point if u can't fight what u face...Doubt

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