Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photoshoots 101

So when I first started Performing thats all I thought about music, but lately I been realizing this image thing is a major part of the Picture..hence Photography and me being behind the camera...Im not sayin I've had a billion photoshoots but I been in quiet a few I favor shoots like this, natural ,free a camera just happens to be there...Photo by Melissa Fuller
And I dig Pics wit The homies Clownin (ME,Anthony , Derek Taylor Photo By Jenny Tay
Fake it Til U Make It Shoot I was in recently, fakin it til I make it
This was one of my favorite shoots with my homie Jaminalso for the Fake It Til U Make It
Pics I took just trying some stuff out wit My homie Shotti Producer/Songwriter/Photographer

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