Sunday, August 5, 2007

Friday @ The Highline Ballroom

Friday I stopped by the Highline Ballroom. Its this dope new Venue in the City on 16th and 9th..thats actually owned by Bluenote, I went to see Peter Hadar ( Bilal Perform..The sound was killn and the lights were niiiice
THE STAGE WAS KILLN..I just kept picturing myself on it as corny as it sounds..
Blue Note Recording Artist,Robert Glasper has been playin in Bilals band since 2000..He's good...check his stuff out
There's Bilal going in..He is one of the best Performers Ive seen live...ever... Top 5 dead or alive as far as him being an all around Artist/musician/songwriter
The Rhythm Section Lookin like on Guitar, Tone on Bass, and Steve on drums..THERE GOOD...Locked

Bilal...Basically shuttin' shiet down..Take 1 "Sometimes"

Bilal..Shuttin' shiet down Take 2 "White turns 2 Grey"

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h.e.r.fection said...

ugggh you're so famous.. getting in free and being all close..
i love it!