Thursday, August 9, 2007


Amtrak 6 AM no sleep, Long train ride ahead..
Thats Jeremy Most..Killn Musician , he's helped me with alot of my music (produced Amorous and Fever) and played on like 5 tracks, He's also a killn artist himself check him out Jeremy Most

So apparently we all look Really Cool in My new Shades....
Thats Burniss "Earl..its the vibe" Travis Killn Bass Player young up and coming Jazz musician..He tours the world but aint too bigtime to come hang wit the homies...check him outEarl Travis

Edamame Plug...J.Most expressing his love for the protien filled Edamame Peas

The train is the worst place to try and sleep...Terrible..All Bad..seriously

As long as I have My Notebook and My Blackberry no matter what Im gonna be!!! No matter what

Downtown Boston

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h.e.r.fection said...

lol jeremy's cool... edamame to-go never heard of that lol