Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Summertime and the livin aint easy, Hustlas Hustlin and the Tempracha's high,Oh my daddy who?? . and my momma stay Grinden, but hush little Baby dont you Cry This Subway stop hands down is the hottest subway station ever... I remember being down there for like 40 minutes and when the rain finally came I felt like I had been workin out or sumthin...
The infamous G train...Never no matter what you do take the G train past 10 pm....Since I moved up here (2002) thats train has done nothing good for
I had a gig in Queens a week back..this is just a cool city view pic , but the gig was so Random, it was at a beach in Queens for National Swedish day...
Here's the stage...aka A Tent..but it was a dope show though.. Chin Chin shut it Down..

I met this Cat in Soho named Nexis..he's dope..he tags up old school shades, and he hooked me up with a pair..check him out... or you can go down to soho and find him on Prince and Broadway
Me Dumb out in the studio..thats what I look like when I been looking at the screen for like 7 hrs...not a pretty sight...PROTOOLS SON!!!

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h.e.r.fection said...

No.. thats what you look like when you finally shave wolfman