Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So Much Inspiration from One Source....Dopamine

"My Life On My Back" EP is what I would call a therapy treatment, different levels of emotions broken down into 6-7 songs, kind of like a mini story having to do with past, present, and future. its so crazy because all the inspiration I been getting for it , yes is from who Im influenced by as far as music , but as far as the lyric in these songs I can say its from Dopamine...

Ive been in the studio for so many hours straight , but I dont want to do anything else really
until this Session is over, thinking it will help my Life in someway.. I just hope it gets heard cuz Im sure alot of people will relate to the Dopamine pumping thru me.

I was researching the word Dopamine after a good friend of mine told me about it.. Its Crazy
its a hormone in the brain and a nuerotransmitter, that basically does what the hormones that tell you your hungry and thirsty do ,but he has to do with Romance, Love & Passion

Dopamine is basically the reason why u do all the crazy shit u do when ur in Love

I found somewhere on the web where doctors tested College students who had just broken up with there other...
They put them in a MRI and showed them pictures of there ex's.. the part in the brain that is active when u feel pain was highly active during this test.. The doctors said the students came out Crying...Dopamine at its worst

My EPK!!! Im pretty proud of it....special thanks to Keith Davis

Me and one of my really good friend Sinorice Moss in the studio.. gettin her done!!!!! Special thanks to Joe and the Giants

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Giant Step, Tiombe Lockhart and The Homies

Weds I went to Crash Mansion to check this show hosted by Giant Step , it was funny cuz alot of the homies were on the bill Jose James,Taylor Mcferrin , and TiombeLockhart all killn artists...

Green Room Pics

Tiombe and Jamire Clownin

That Boy Earl in the zone

Chris Turner, killn Singer from the Bay Area... and my other homie from the west coast upcoming producer outta LA Player Hadyn

Justin and Brian off in the distance

wouldnt be a greenroom gathering without Jay

Photo by Melissa Fuller

I posted sum Tiombe Tracks cuz she's dope and you need to know....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spelman Homecoming 2007

Not too long Ago, I was in ATL .....performing for Spelman College's Homecoming
It was my second time in Atlanta hadnt been in a while....

6 AM flight..SMH

Downtown ATL, I think...

(Chillen at My Cousin Tarik's Dorm @ Gtech(all I need, Powerbook, Mbox, Nooka (watch), Blackberry, and sum Febreeze)

King Chapel At Morehouse College

It was a good feeling to know I was sharing the stage with Algebra Blessett an amazing Singer/Songwriter from Atlanta

I was pretty mad about soundcheck or the one I didnt get to have due to the sound crew..I was there for 3 hrs and basically wasted mad time...
but I wanna shout out My boy Toro for hookin me up wit a killn band

J.Holiday Performing

Gladys Chicken and Waffles mmmmmm...


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anthony Coleman II's Senior Recital

Sunday Dec 2nd..was a GREAT DAY

Jammed out at Anthony's Recital with old friends/Classmates
Killn Cats!! people that inspire me to get Better

Flyer designed by Ilene Byers

Anthony Coleman II in the suit conducting the big band, and Loren Benedict Killn the Skat Game....

Big Earl on Upright!

Me Warren Fields, Jamire Williams and Chris Turner
New School All day

All Photos taken by Diane Wah

Saturday, December 1, 2007

John Jay Show Thursday Nov 29th...

So I was just in Miami like 2 days ago... Perfect Weather out there writing and with Family, My Boy Devin (in photo above)The Poet/Promoter/Booker/Host, Booked me a show at his school John Jay College, so I had to be back in The Cold, But shout out to Devin for Lookin out also shout out to Nick Hollywood (killn Comedian) and Sky-O (dope lyricist) for also blessin the stage....(Photo by Shotti)

I got in Around 6 am , headed to The city around like meet with This Young up and coming Media Cat (Film) name Kieth Davis, who had asked to follow me around the whole day and shoot like a documentary/epk(Electronic Press Kit).... It was wierd havin a camera follow me around the whole day but Im very curious as to how its going to come out...(Photo by Shotti)

J.Most Above(Photo by Shotti)

I had a rough time with the sound people and the administration at the school
kind of frusrating. but its what you have to go through when your and independent artist
althought they did apologize after they saw my Performance.. SMH

Big Earl(Photo by Shotti)
Shout out with the band for not getting Reckless on the Sound Men...I did that

(Photo by Shotti)

Overalll it was a good show, The Crowd was into it, and thats all that matters feedback from the ears

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Singing Hooks..101...

I was first introduced to Mixtapes by my Homie Hasan Insane(Super Producer) ..He asked me to help him out wit the mix of his Tape "Perfect Strangers" released by Tapemasters Inc. then he asked me to sing the hook on Girls, Girls,Girls.. and near after that Track I recorded a couple joints on Shotti's "A Prince In Harlem". From There I just been trynna work with Passionate Rappers... Cats who in it for the Love.. like JD Riggz (Rochester),DZA (Houston), Logik (Miami), Manhattan (Manhattan),AC (Staten Island),and Mickey Factz (The Bronx), shout out to GFC.. they gonna keep comin...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Life's Passion

"listen, our purpose as a human being, is to maximize your own full potential. U won't be happy with yourself if you don't. Your full potential belongs in the spotlight. Your life partner must love you enough to give that to you, regardless of their own personal desires."
-Renee Sebastian

Musiq Soulchild

Raheem Devaughn

-Keyshia Cole and The Homies


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jesse Boykins III & The Beauty Created in Harlem!!

Yesterday I had my first show in Harlem at this Spot called Billie's Black Lounge, and the show was hosted by Uptown Live ..which is a live recording of two acts followed by interviews. I had alot to take care of before the show
Hair, Rehearsal, Eat, get equipment to the gig and thats basically it..its alot more than it looks.
Out in Brooklyn goin to the Braid Spot

I hadnt played keys in so long..Gotta start sheddin!! story of my life..The band was late so I just worked out the set list and what not..

Then we went in..Me, Adam, Ojay, Ant, J.Most, Saunders,and Earl trynn figure out how we were gonna end "Elude"

Big mistake I made...I didnt bother to go by the spot earlier in the week to see the set up, so I was a lil caught off gaurd when I saw I was singen thru a karoake machine..but it sounded cool for what it was....

Green Room Action...LOL
Pretty Funny

Performing Summertime

Earl Ready to go?..."U already Know"

Friday, October 5, 2007

Keyshia Cole Unplugged...or Unplugged Keyshia Cole

Like 3 days ago I got called to come in and learn 5 Keyshia Cole songs and sing background for her on VH1 Unplugged. I was pretty excited cuz Im a fan of hers, I dig her music. It was a very good experience because I got to see the industry and what goes down as far as a Major Artist and there Entourage(Team)...Things are alot easier at that level, Im comparing the Independent Artist and the Major Artist.. because as an Artist I find myself having to handle alot of things I shouldnt have to: booking, payment, paying the band, making sure everything is good like the sound.. but Keyshia got called when everything was set up sang and left...Less sressful, a perfect environment to perform in.. no excuse not to should be airing soon. heads up for me smiling in the camera..
The Stage Getting set up...
Me in the Green Room memorizing the words..
Daniel,Steve,Erik,and Wayne goin over the set, and Rod the sound guy Gettin th elevels on the lead mic right.(shout out to Rod for being patient and not cursin anybody

Keyshia Cole Unplugged Take 3....Let me know what u think of the show when it comes on VH1

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nothin but Music...Wish U were Hear

Crazy Week..this is Where it starts Penn Station NY

I had a lil 2 song show at NYU(crazy concert hall)..My homie Akia booked me for it..good looks and shout out to Elle who performed before me.. (killn singer)


S.O.B's Green Room w/ the homies

...Weds was Eric Roberson's Birthday, He celebrated by throwing an hour and a half concert @ S.O.B's,
and i got a chance to rock the mic, for a lil sec...


Chilled at my homie/ bandmate steve's crib out in Bushwick son!!!

Shout out to Perusi!!!!! My homie from Conneticut, NICE ON THE ELECTRIC BASS ,dont sleep!!!...

Omar killn trumpet player and Steve on the Train 2 in the moring...

This is Hustlin effect...

How to buy a Vintage expensive guitar with Steve Wyrman

Step 1. Find a Guitar Center
Step 2. Find the Vintage Guitar Section
Step 3. Select your interest

Step 4. Play the Guitar
Step 5. Laugh at the dude sellin it to you cuz in his head he's lookin at you like.."u cant afford no 76' les paul"...

Step 6. Play the guitar sum more just to make sure...
Step 7. Ask for a no tax discount cop and be out...