Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So Much Inspiration from One Source....Dopamine

"My Life On My Back" EP is what I would call a therapy treatment, different levels of emotions broken down into 6-7 songs, kind of like a mini story having to do with past, present, and future. its so crazy because all the inspiration I been getting for it , yes is from who Im influenced by as far as music , but as far as the lyric in these songs I can say its from Dopamine...

Ive been in the studio for so many hours straight , but I dont want to do anything else really
until this Session is over, thinking it will help my Life in someway.. I just hope it gets heard cuz Im sure alot of people will relate to the Dopamine pumping thru me.

I was researching the word Dopamine after a good friend of mine told me about it.. Its Crazy
its a hormone in the brain and a nuerotransmitter, that basically does what the hormones that tell you your hungry and thirsty do ,but he has to do with Romance, Love & Passion

Dopamine is basically the reason why u do all the crazy shit u do when ur in Love

I found somewhere on the web where doctors tested College students who had just broken up with there other...
They put them in a MRI and showed them pictures of there ex's.. the part in the brain that is active when u feel pain was highly active during this test.. The doctors said the students came out Crying...Dopamine at its worst

My EPK!!! Im pretty proud of it....special thanks to Keith Davis

Me and one of my really good friend Sinorice Moss in the studio.. gettin her done!!!!! Special thanks to Joe and the Giants


h.e.r.fection said...

i love this.. ur writing in the besssss

Marv said...

i need to hear this joint.