Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spelman Homecoming 2007

Not too long Ago, I was in ATL .....performing for Spelman College's Homecoming
It was my second time in Atlanta hadnt been in a while....

6 AM flight..SMH

Downtown ATL, I think...

(Chillen at My Cousin Tarik's Dorm @ Gtech(all I need, Powerbook, Mbox, Nooka (watch), Blackberry, and sum Febreeze)

King Chapel At Morehouse College

It was a good feeling to know I was sharing the stage with Algebra Blessett an amazing Singer/Songwriter from Atlanta

I was pretty mad about soundcheck or the one I didnt get to have due to the sound crew..I was there for 3 hrs and basically wasted mad time...
but I wanna shout out My boy Toro for hookin me up wit a killn band

J.Holiday Performing

Gladys Chicken and Waffles mmmmmm...


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