Friday, October 5, 2007

Keyshia Cole Unplugged...or Unplugged Keyshia Cole

Like 3 days ago I got called to come in and learn 5 Keyshia Cole songs and sing background for her on VH1 Unplugged. I was pretty excited cuz Im a fan of hers, I dig her music. It was a very good experience because I got to see the industry and what goes down as far as a Major Artist and there Entourage(Team)...Things are alot easier at that level, Im comparing the Independent Artist and the Major Artist.. because as an Artist I find myself having to handle alot of things I shouldnt have to: booking, payment, paying the band, making sure everything is good like the sound.. but Keyshia got called when everything was set up sang and left...Less sressful, a perfect environment to perform in.. no excuse not to should be airing soon. heads up for me smiling in the camera..
The Stage Getting set up...
Me in the Green Room memorizing the words..
Daniel,Steve,Erik,and Wayne goin over the set, and Rod the sound guy Gettin th elevels on the lead mic right.(shout out to Rod for being patient and not cursin anybody

Keyshia Cole Unplugged Take 3....Let me know what u think of the show when it comes on VH1


Marv said...

thats dope

h.e.r.fection said...

i'm a bad person.. i didn't know you Already sang back up i thought it was coming

h.e.r.fection said...

awwwwww *stop back by to read
i'm so excited.. i see now that layout for their stage set up never changes, its hot though. Glad to hear you smiled in a camera