Monday, July 30, 2007


The Light Goes Brooklyn 2 in The Morn


At the early age of 22
I've come to many conclusions
There's far too much nothing in my life
But theres no where I can run
I aint no philosopher but I sure do dream like one, trynna find piece of mind, piece a time, and all the pieces to love,

I rarely look to my past
Cuz it clouds my Visions
And I rarely smile or cry
I figured it would be easier to just stay nuetral, things are what they seem if u just close your eyes and see the picture, I used to try and meditate but my paitence turned into anxiety, sometimes I analyze my so far life still without an answer..

Headed to the Studio via the D train...
Shout out to New School University..I am now an Alumni..that makes me sound old...

(In The Studio With Mz.Mimz) So..I learned how to engineer about 2 yrs ago..I work with Programs like Protools(my favorite), Reason, I've used Logic (its confusing to me),Abbleton Live, and Digital Performer, my ears still arent at the "Gift" Level as far as mixing but Im workin on gettin there, EVERYDAY...

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