Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blackberry Testimonies.. Phoenix,DC and Somewhere in Between

1st DC show!!! Valentines Day.. Shouts to Cleveland @ 89.3 fm

Mr.MV of the Group Fresh Geex at this random showcase I went to in NYC ...J.London hosted

Basil That dude on Keys..

MY DC FAM.. Jade Foster (Poet) who was featured on Dopamine & Ra The MC awesome Hip Hop Artist and Writer

haha.. I randomly found this pic in my BB I dont even think I took it.. but thats Theophilus London we had just got back to FAMs Loft after our performance at Webster Hall

DW is that dude on Bass and Casually kinda nice on Harmonica


I was recently in Pheonix.. but this the only pic I took with my phone.. I took one of a cactus too but I think I deleted i..sad about that..

So the Past couple weeks , I been a little out of it.. Working revamping and I havent been able to blog like I want to.. but Im back in affect just wait and see.. Muuahhhahahaha (evil laugh)

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