Monday, June 9, 2008

The Stage...

Al Green

Roger Zap


Stevie Wonder


PJ Morton Band

Raheem Devaughn

John Legend



I've been know like studying my craft and what not.. and I realize the passion for performing as far as main stream artists are concerned is dead...there's a few still doing it ... but this lip synching thing is killing me slowly... I understand it but I don't know I guess Im old school.. The cats above are people that love what they do and you can see it ... from the lil smirks when they come to realization while there performing , even if u watch the band members there all for it.. Its gonna make its way back around... Soon Come


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| Coco Black | said...

your not old skool. you are absolutely right!!! And it is sad, but it is only when the new artists like ourselves realize what we can do, and learn from those that came before us (by studying and paying homage) that we can slowly make the changes that we want to see. Music, as far as mainstream goes is not an art form anymore, it is a cash cow. But we can make amends. I know The Agytators will.

Much respect.
Coco Black
The Agytators