Friday, September 19, 2008

Mind Over Matter & Waterbury, CT

About a week ago this cat Brandon M. Graham(google him) hit me up asking if I would do somewhat of a tour with him and his associate Daniel D. Thomas (google him too). They are 2 young dope writer/poets from CT.. so I joined them to speak at Crosby high school in Waterbury,CT. it was my first time there and 2nd time speaking to people younger than me about being driven and always maintaining sanity through transitionsand also about music ofcourse.. drove up straight from my show I have on weds night woke up at 6am and headed to the highschool to speak .....

Italian Day!! in the Cafeteria.. I KILLED IT!

I met this cool teacher Mr.Pastore he was head of the English Dep there.. but he worked and promoted for Common and The Roots in the 90's while he was working at MCA Records.. its crazy because he moved back home after being on that scene and now he's teaching in his home town.. Dope Dude

Shout out to Brownstone Publishing and check out these cats books

A Love Supreme: Amputated Feelings & Prosthetic Apologies by Brandon Graham available in Barnes and Nobles and Amazon

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