Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jb3/ Jammin with The ROOTS

got hit to rock with THE ROOTS this past Monday.. It was a great great experience.. I been trying to find some footage online. all I could find so far is this side ways

"But Beautiful You Are, Your My Star" thats me!! freestyled hook, funny is when I was singing it Black Thought tapped me and was like I got something to that.. so it actually turned into a song I love improve...

kicked it in the green room w/ the legendary roots crew and just listened, observed met some cool cats .. Matt From Fader Mag, Rik Cordero a very dope director three21 media..and the homie DJ Brainchild from Gordon Gartrell Radio was there ..also got a chance to talk to Quest and Black Thought a bit... very down to earth and very funny cats.. Hope to get the chance of not only sharing the stage but the studio with them.. fingers crossed

Photo's soon to come

Shouts to Ginny & Dan & Femi @ Okayplayer...

FOOTAGE From My Blackberry

Right Behind Black Thought

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